NBA Star Myles Turner Dishes on His Favorite Indy Spots (via Yelp Indy)

Brunch, dates, ashanga and homelessness. Myles Turner, 23-year-old center for the Indiana Pacers, called us (video here) to talk about things he doesn’t usually get asked in interviews: his love for Indianapolis, its local businesses and the people that keep it vibrant. When asked to describe the Indianapolis audience, he quickly labeled them as both passionate and uplifting. 

“The fans here are super passionate about basketball. Basketball runs big and deep in everyone’s blood here. That’s cool to be around. As a basketball player to be shown that kind of love… that’s big-time.” – Turner

Not only is he being shown that love, but he’s also showing it right back to the people around him. Yes, he’s a nice guy, but it goes beyond that. A few years ago, he started his own program, the WARM Program, to bring warmth and necessities to those out on the streets.

“When I first got here (Indianapolis), I wanted to find a way to integrate myself in the community. The first shot I had at doing that was through WARM. It stands for We All Really Matter. It started in Texas one day when it was cold and we were driving around and saw a lot of people suffering. My mom had always kept blankets and food in her car, so we went out one day and started handing them out to people. I told myself if I ever made it big one day, I’d start something like that. The community has really taken to it.”

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